teflon lined hydrothermal synthesis autoclave reactor

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Anhui Kemi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

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Product Information

  • Model:NSZ-5
  • Certification:SGS
  • Packaging Details:Wooden Package, well protect inside.
  • Brand Name:CHEMn
  • Trademark:CHEMn
  • Place of Origin:Anhui, China
  • Warranty:3 years


Design Features


1. Retains the high quality of CHEMN products and offers high cost performance at the same time.





2. Various kinds of alloy material are available.


  Chemn reactors and pressure vessels are normally made of 316L stainless steel or other alloys. Available construction materials includes:
- Stainless steel 316L,904L,2 520
- Monel Alloy 400
- Inconel Alloy 600
- Hastelloy B-2
- Hastelloy C-276
- Industrial pure titaniu m TA2
- Zirconium alloy 702 ,705
- Other required metal


  Chemn Reactors and Pressure vessels could meet most demand of chemical experiments for high temperatures and pressures reaction environments.


  The maximum pressure and temperature at which any reactor or pressure vessel can be used will depend upon the design of the vessel, its material of construction, and other components.


  Since all materials lose strength at elevated temperatures, or even lose the strength of practicality, the limited working pressure at different tempera tures is also different.


  Different series of reactor has different design temperature and different maximum working pres sure(MAWP).




Order Parameters

 The Selection of Chemn reactor could be based on the following five basic parameters.


 (1) Maximum working pressure


  The maximum working pressure is 207bar for reactor < 500ml, 103bar for reactor≥ 1L. Kemi produce the reactor whose maximum working pressure is 345bar. Kemi could also produce customized reactor according to different requirements . The higher pressure of the reactor can be tolerated, the thicker body, cover and other accessories it has, and the whole product will be larger, heavier, and the operate will be more complex, precise temperature control of will be more difficult.


 (2) Maximum operating temperature


  The maximum operating temperature of the conventional reactor is 300℃ (sealed with reinforced PTFE flat
gasket) and 550℃ (sealed with Grafoil graphite gasket), the operating temperature can be adjusted according

to customer requirements.



 (3) Selection of volume


  The volume of Chemn reactor ranges from 25ml to 50L. The volume here refers to the maximum volume of

the reactor. Generally, the liquids should not exceed 4/5 of the volume of the reactor.



 (4) Material selection


  The material for Chemn regular reactor is 316L stainless steel and Hastelloy C-276, and other materials are also available (Chapter 1.2 for is for reference).
- Stainless steel 316L, 904L, 2520
- Monel 400 alloy
- Inconel 600 alloy
- Hastelloy B-2
- Hastelloy C-276
- Industrial Titanium TA2
- Zirconium alloys 702, 705
- Other required metal materials



 (5) Interface selection


  Chemn reactor has standard interfere include gas inlet (I), gas outlet (O), pressure gauge (P), temperature sensor (T), rupture disc (R), sampling (S), balanced return sampling (BS), discharge valve (DV), liquid feed tank (LF), solid feed tank (SF),pressure indicator (PI), digital pressure gauge (DP), safety valve (SV), internal cooling coil (IC) interface. (Note: No internal cooling coil in 0.1 ~ 0.25L reactor, no solid feed port on 0.1 ~ 0.25L reactor).

  Different design solutions can be provided according to different requirements. For magnetic coupled mechanical stirred driver, furnace, seal structure, stirring form, Kemi will provide conventional configuration if there was no special requirements. For special requirements, please remark on selection guide or inform Kemi staff.

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